Lean Healthcare Yellow Belt Training

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Global Lean Sigma offers this fundamental lean course to train healthcare participants to gain a better understanding of the underlying philosophy of lean, and how the lean tools and philosophy work together to create a lean healthcare organization. You will learn the fundamentals of Lean (in addition to Six Sigma best practices), their metrics and basic improvement methodologies to help your organization excel. This course is not simply an awareness training, but also intends to develop healthcare staffs by providing key practical tools to improve the organization and to better their individual job performance on a daily basis. They will develop the skills to lead smaller improvement lean efforts, and also understand how to identify bigger efficiency and quality issues that could be addressed with more Lean Healthcare advanced toolsets.

Throughout training, you will be exposed to many Lean Six Sigma practical problem-solving tools and techniques, relevant real-world tool applications and examples applicable to your healthcare environment. Participants will be provided with the opportunity to experiences hands-on exercises to ensure rapid learning and knowledge retention. The training goal is to sustain a joint effort to improving patient benefits, as well as services of medical providers and hospital staff, and reducing process waste so that hospital personnel can spend more time on patient care.

What Participant Will Learn

  • How does a Lean methodology with roots in the Toyota Production System possibly apply to healthcare?
  • How the typical wastes of Lean reduce an organization's competitiveness and patient care satisfaction?
  • How to apply Global Lean Sigma's proprietary lean LEAP methodology (Learn - Evaluate - Adapt - Control) to identify hidden wastes, implement improvement and complete the lean initiatives quickly and effectively
  • How to apply key tools and practices of Six Sigma DMAIC (Define - Measure - Analyze - Improve - Control)
  • Soft skills on Change management techniques, communication skills and people leadership

Who Should Attend

  • Nurses, quality managers/directors, administrator staffs, patient safety leaders, office personnel, lab personnel, IT staff
  • Typical participants have come from organizations include hospitals, insurance companies and medical suppliers 
  • Upon completion of training, Global Lean Sigma's Lean Masters will be available to coach at healthcare facilities ensuring the organization will benefit from the successful delivery of lean improvement initiatives and achievement of operational excellence

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