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We are a global leading provider of Engineering and Operational Excellence training and consulting services employing qualified subject matter experts, each having over 20 years of experience. We are dedicated to helping your organization achieve Continuous Improvement and to become the Lean Six Sigma and Data-Analytics expert through best-in-class Lean Six Sigma methodologies.

We have global reach mainly served from North American offices, and we offer public courses and company private training and consulting. We use state of the art, proprietary teaching and consulting methods. With five Global Lean Six Sigma annual awards and a proven track record of successes, and experience with many of the biggest and best companies around the world, you can be confident in choosing Global Lean Sigma as your strategic partner.


Operational Excellence Advisory & Consulting

We advise not only how to design global-award winning Lean Six Sigma Operational Excellence and Continuous Improvement programs but more importantly, how to best apply them to improve your operational efficiency and profitability.

Engineering Excellence
Data-Analytics Problem
Solving Training

Ensure your Engineers and technical Management staffs are trained in how to apply statistics and leading JMP / Minitab statistical software to uncover technical issues, identify root causes to fix, and present findings and meaningful solutions to teams, upper management and business partners.

Operational Excellence
Lean Six Sigma
Training & Coaching

Train your leaders as high-performance Master Black Belts, Black Belts, Green Belts, Yellow Belts and Lean Practitioners to achieve breakthrough customer satisfaction, cost savings and improved sales through improvement initiatives.

Virtual Training
North America, Asia Pacific

Offer online virtual learning in engineering and operational excellence training that is designed to replicate a real classroom environment with the same types of discussions, exercises and interactions as you would normally have in a face-to-face workshop.

Operational Excellence Strategic project
Identification & Selection

Facilitate across your senior management staffs in conjunction with our proprietary methodology to identify a prioritized list of strategic project improvement opportunities for operational excellence execution.


Years Lean Six Sigma Experience
International Lean Six Sigma Awards
People Trained To Date
Million Dollars Saved for Our Clients


We have successfully consulted, trained, coached and certified Lean Six Sigma and Data-Analytics Problem Solving practitioners at various level of expertise for Engineers, Master Black Belts, Black Belts, Green Belts, Yellow Belts, Champions and Executives at many leading companies across the industries.  Global Lean Sigma’s clients include the following organizations >>

eBay Inc.
" I am very pleased with the training and consulting services received from Global Lean Sigma. We have found the Global Lean Sigma approach to be very thorough, their training materials to be comprehensive and adaptable by a wide level of business functions across our global organization, and their teaching abilities to be outstanding.

They were well received by our Lean Six Sigma training participants and the successes of our projects prove the several times of returns on investment. We would not hesitate to recommend Global Lean Sigma to other companies. "
Mustafa Baig
Executive, Operational Excellence, San Jose, CA, USA, eBay Inc.
KLA-Tencor Corp.
" I would recommend others to take this training to gain overall understanding of Six Sigma and how to integrate these knowledges into their daily job task and to be able to manage a project using statistical approach. "
Dr. Wei Liu, PhD
Service System Engineer, Milpitas, CA, USA, KLA-Tencor Corp.
eBay (Switzerland)
" After attending the high-value training from Global Lean Sigma, I was able to complete my training project successfully and delivered over $1.5 million cost savings to my organization. I would highly recommend Global Lean Sigma to other organizations. "
Miroslav Sala
Sr. Business Analyst, Bern, Switzerland, eBay Inc.
Applied Materials Inc.
" As an instructor, Richard is extremely knowledgeable for the Green Belt Lean Six Sigma course. His presentations were detailed and fulfilled my expectations for this course. The discussions in class were inspirational and would definitely help me in applying the techniques and growth in my career. "
Anindita Sen
Process Engineer, Santa Clara, CA, USA, Applied Materials Inc. (UK)
" Very relevant and well structured course. Would recommend for anyone working in project/program management or continuous improvement. "
Claire Lappin
ACES Continuous Improvement Manager, London, UK, Inc.
Intel Corp.
" The material and examples were very useful and now feel confident to do activities/use tools to solve business problems. Highly recommend this course. Instructor was top-notch. "
Rachel Johnston
Technical Program Manager, Phoenix, AZ, USA, Intel Corp.
Western Digital Corp.
" Richard is one of the best instructors I have had. He demonstrates both width & depth of knowledges. Strong recommendation of this Black Belt training. "
Dr. Feng Zhang, PhD
Director of Advanced Data Analytics, San Jose, CA, USA, Western Digital Corp.
Lam Research Corp.
" I would recommend this course to anyone who is starting to solve complex problems. It helps to break it down to a manageable pieces and do it in a straight forward way. "
Yevgen Polubotko
Process Engineer, Fremont, CA, USA, Lam Research Corp.
Amazon Lab126
" The training achieved my expectation. Highly recommended to others. "
Xu Xin Wang
Product Design Engineer, Sunnyvale, CA, USA, Amazon Lab126
PayPal (Ireland)
" I found the course excellent. Very practically oriented with relatable examples used. Content was adjusted so participants could visualize the real life implementation into their roles. Thoroughly enjoyed it. "
Ollie Carty
Credit Consultant Manager, Dublin, Ireland, PayPal Inc.
Cisco Systems Inc.
" I would recommend the Six Sigma Black Belt training from Global Lean Sigma to any professional willing to learn new tools for improving processes. The pace of the training was good and the exercises helped applying the tools in right context. "
Nicolas Coulet
Sr. Operations Manager, San Jose, CA, USA, Cisco Systems Inc.
Applied Materials (Taiwan)
" Excellent course to start using JMP for statistical analysis. "
Joseph Liu
Service Systems Engineer, Taipei, Taiwan, Applied Materials Inc.
Western Digital Corp.
" The course is very well related to my daily job. This training boosts my understanding and knowledge about how to improve my performance. "
Dr. Yang Xiang, PhD
Principle Process Integration Engineer, Milpitas, CA, USA, Western Digital Corp.
T-Mobile US, Inc.
" Our instructor did a great job to teach the Lean Six Sigma concepts, tools and E2E execution. This will be a great method to tackle process and quality improvements and save the business millions of dollars. "
Michael Zaton
Sr. Technical Project Manager, Bellevue, WA, USA, T-Mobile US, Inc.
VMware (UK)
" The material and approach used for this course had appropriate examples which made the learning more easier. Richard was very clear in his approach and set right expectations from the beginning. Would recommend to colleagues. "
Kaavya Bhirthi
Manager, EMEA Operations, London, UK, VMware Inc.
Amazon Lab126
" Excellent course! Instructor was very organized, knowledgeable and personable. I look forward to using the tools and methods learned. "
Greg Cabral
Sr. Operations Program Manager, Sunnyvale, CA, USA, Amazon Lab 126
Intel Corp.
" This is a great course! The knowledge I gained from this course will definitely help me to perform better. Thanks! "
Xiao Cong
New Product Introduction Manager, Santa Clara, CA, USA, Intel Corp.
Medtronic PLC
" Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training through Global Lean Sigma was an excellent experience. The class was engaging, informative and captivating the whole week through. "
Megan Dellavalle
Manufacturing Engineer, Santa Rosa, CA, USA, Medtronic Plc
Cisco Systems Inc.
" Green Belt training was very informative, and a good way to start the Lean Six Sigma journey. I learned lots of new tools and techniques in this training. "
Sameer Tomar
Operations Manager, San Jose, CA, USA, Cisco Systems Inc. Inc.
" Amazing [Green Belt] training! I will definitely be back for the Black Belt training. "
Dejla Kozica
Sr. Program Manager, Seattle, WA, USA, Inc.
eBay (Germany)
" Thank you very much! I found this course very helpful and am eager to go and practice now on my own project! "
Anja Schmoekel
Manager, Berlin, Germany, eBay Inc.
Juniper Networks Corp.
" I learned a lot of tools and practices that will help me and my business improve. The class used very good examples and had participation from everyone which made it lively and entertaining while teaching important principles. "
Blake Sandy
Sr. Manager Customer Services, Sunnyvale, CA, USA, Juniper Networks Corp.
HP Enterprise
" This is an excellent introduction to the Lean Six Sigma subject. There is a lot of material to go over, but it is presented in a clear and concise matter. "
James Poore
Sr. Manager, Sunnyvale, CA, USA. Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Inc.
Nvidia Corp.
" Great opportunity to learn step-by-step process for improvement. Highly recommend it! "
Joyce Patterson
Product Supply Chain Manager, Santa Clara, CA, USA, Nvidia Corp. Inc.
" This training is a must have for anybody involved in process improvement or business improvement. "
Alfozo Pozo
ACES Risk Analyst, Seattle, WA, USA, Inc.
PayPal Inc.
" I enjoyed the training thoroughly. The many real world examples discussed in class made the information very relatable and easy to process. Richard was very knowledgeable and was able to answer many questions. "
Joe Sjoberg
Sr. Project Manager, Chandler, AZ, USA, PayPal Inc.
Bank of America
" My experience with Global Lean Sigma training program has been one of extremely high quality and Master Black Belt trainers are topnotch with financial industry experience. Highly recommend Global Lean Sigma to other organizations. "
Conway Cheng
Senior Vice President, Charlotte, NC, USA, Bank of America


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