Data-Analysis Problem Solving

Reliability Engineering

This course explores how long a system or component (hardware) perform its required functions within acceptable conditions for a specified period of time.  It focuses on combination of industry-leading Six Sigma tools and JMP statistical software for in-depth data analysis and solutioning.  Participants will learn how to utilize these statistical tools, techniques, and methodologies required to achieve optimum hardware design and quality enhancements.

Throughout this training, participants will be exposed to a variety of key, practical problem-solving tools and techniques, relevant real-world applications and hi-tech examples, hands-on JMP software exercises and tutorials to ensure rapid learning and knowledge retention.  This learning includes how to: design an accelerated life test, estimate reliability or survival measures, compute non-normal estimates of failure probability, optimize fit distribution models specific to life data, and reliability in repairable and non-repairable systems.

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