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Today’s business environment is abound with constant pressure to reduce costs and provide faster services and products to customers. Lean Continuous Improvement has helped companies remain competitive and increase profitability. A Lean business provides precisely what is needed, when it is needed with no additional labor, costs or time, resulting in bottom line savings. Yet many Lean initiatives fail because employees don’t know where to start or how to sustain the improvements. This is partly because they don’t have a structured Lean approach in project improvement to guide them in identifying problems and implementing Lean solutions.

Global Lean Sigma train participants with a proprietary structured Lean methodology called LEAP (Learn, Evaluate, Adapt and Control) to initiate, manage and complete Lean initiatives rapidly and effectively. Where Six Sigma focuses on reducing defects, Lean targets reducing waste and improving flow in an organization. Lean implementation results in improved cost and cycle-time reduction, customer satisfaction and standardized high quality. This course is designed for Lean practitioners to gain a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of Lean, to define and explain the tools used, and demonstrate how these tools can be applied in their own work environment through hands-on group exercises and interactive simulations. Global Lean Sigma’s highly experienced Lean Master will be available to provide coaching to participants during their training projects. Candidates will have the option of registering the course in either Services or Manufacturing; based on applicability to their organization.

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