LSS Master Black Belt Training & Certification

     Duration:  10 days                                                   Availability:  Public courses
           Type:  Service organization                                                     Company site


Global Lean Sigma's Master Black Belt training and certification program offers a comprehensive and detailed formulation of the skills required to develop, deploy and sustain a successful Lean Six Sigma program. With our proven in-depth corporate experience, this program will enable you to benefit from the successful five-time award-winning formula in order to deploy a successful Lean Six Sigma program for any organization. By completing this program, you will be prepared with knowledge on how to train, mentor and coach lower belt colleagues overseeing their improvement projects. Candidates will gain knowledge on how to advance their organizational competency in the realm of Lean Six Sigma and to foster steady and continuous improvement with the highest level of expertise. With the knowledge of Lean Six Sigma as a Master Black Belt, you will be equipped to establish and manage Lean Six Sigma training programs to ensure your organization excels. Throughout the training, you will be exposed to many advanced practical and statistical problem-solving tools and relevant real-world tool applications.

Training is delivered in 2 phases (five days in both Weeks 1 & 2), with 4 to 5 weeks in between to allow participants to apply the knowledge within their organizations while under the guidance of our highly experienced senior Master Black Belts. Candidates have the option of registering the course in either Services or Manufacturing; based on applicability to their organization.

What Participants Will Learn

  • Advanced analytical tools and skills involving the application of DMAIC methods and Lean tools to transactional services or manufacturing environment
  • Lean Six Sigma deployment planning of strategy and execution aligning with business goals and objectives
  • Methods and techniques to coach and mentor Lean Six Sigma professionals
  • Training skills and practices to teach Lean Six Sigma professionals 
  • Soft skills on Change management techniques, Communication skills, relationship management, project leadership and people leadership

Participant Qualifications

  • Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belts who have successfully completed at least three Black Belt projects as project leaders
  • Strong analytical and statistical background is an asset in solving complex business problems
  • Typical candidates are senior managers and leaders across various industries who aim to develop and advance their careers by becoming senior leaders in business excellence
  • Candidates must successfully complete the Lean Six Sigma MBB certification examination at the close of training to demonstrate advanced competencies in Lean Six Sigma leadership, project leadership, people leadership and thought leadership

Laptop Requirement


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